Knee Surgery – Again

After many months of suffering through knee pain (and working out some insurance issues), I had surgery to cut out the damaged part of my meniscus last week. Having injured myself many times before, I am familiar with the whole surgery and recovery process. I showed up at 5:30AM, as instructed, to the outpatient facility to find a completely dark building. A nurse arrived a few minutes later and let us in. Having the first appointment of the day is key to things going smoothly, I’ve learned.

Within moments, I was whisked back to the prep area where Trish, the nurse was horrified to see my lovely pedicure. “You can’t have polish on you toe nails,” she reprimands and hand me some nail polish remover. Oops. I then met the anesthesiologist, the anesthesia nurse and several other people who poked and prodded me before my doctor showed up.

It was the first time I have seen this doctor be on time. Next thing I know I am in recovery, telling the nurse that I feel a bit queasy. “Oh, that is just the anesthesia, you’ll be fine,” she says and pumps more medicine into my IV, which is supposed to keep me from vomiting. She was unsuccessful.

After a little while and some vomited ginger ale, I was free to go home and puke some more. I will admit, it did make me feel better. After several days of napping, eating junk food and watching Law and Order: Criminal Intent marathons, hobbling around trying not to use crutches, I am almost starting to feel like a person again.

We will see what the doctor has to say tomorrow, but I am looking forward to getting back to my regular life of working, running, playing tennis and doing things besides watching reruns of NCIS and Monk. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Overall, it went as well as it could have, let’s hope the rest of my recovery is as smooth and that I do not have to do this again anytime soon. Or ever.

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