Cards Against Humanity

The box says it all.
The box says it all.

Come over, we’ll play Cards Against Humanity. We’ll do a potluck. It will be fun. But you need to keep an open mind. Really.” This is how it was sold to me. “I always have an open mind,” I replied. “Yeah, well, this can get, um, crude and obnoxious. We’ll have to drink. A lot,” I was told. 

That is how the night came to fruition. We arrived with sweet and sour meatballs, two bottles of wine and a whole lot

No good can come when Fireball is involved.
No good can come when Fireball is involved.

of not knowing what to expect. It started out innocent enough. We recapped the day, and the tennis tournament in which our friends mercilessly beat us. Losing worked out well for us, as we were able to get a nap in before the evening festivities began.

I knew we were in for an interesting evening when I started reading the rules and came across this tidbit: The player who pooped last begins as the Card Czar, and plays a black “question” card. The Card Czar reads the question out to the group. Any game that involves sharing when you last went to the bathroom has got to be good. Or, really, really bad. I was cautiously optimistic.


Best played on a full stomach. Mmmmm... meatballs!
Best played on a full stomach. Mmmmm… meatballs!

The game works like this: Every player draws 10 white cards. These are the “answers”. Then, you take turns drawing and reading a black (“question”) card. Everyone submits their funniest answer card and the person with the black card decides which answer he/she likes best and that person gets to keep the black card. When someone gets 5 black cards, they have won the round.

The questions, and subsequent answers can be hilarious. Here is an example of a question card “As part of his contract, Prince will not perform without ___________ in his dressing

I didn't make them smile, I caught them mid-laugh.
I didn’t make them smile, I caught them mid-laugh.

room.” Answers might include “Five Dollar Footlongs” or “Neil Patrick Harris” or “Harry Potter erotica.” Those are actual question and answer cards. The rest of the set ranges from the seemingly innocuous to the downright dirty, and pretty much everything in between.

It made for a hilarious evening, and of course, the next day I went right to Amazon to buy myself a set. Have you

played? What did you think? Horrified? Shocked? Marginally entertained?