Taco Express, Key West

First of all, apologies for no photos, but my phone had a meltdown and needed to be reset. And I have lost all of my photos in the process. So you will have to get to Taco Express and check them out for yourselves. I thought the tacos looked good at Taste of Key West, but the line was way too long to try, so I vowed to get there soon. 

Well, soon happened, and I found myself picking up lunch from the new taco truck located on North Roosevelt Boulevard, in the Napa Auto Parts parking lot. The menu is extensive, especially given that all of the food is prepared in a truck, and they have tacos, burritos, tortas (Mexican sandwiches) and daily specials, including fried Nicaraguan tacos.

The tacos are simple and tasty, and come with guacamole and hot sauce. There is no cheese present in these tacos. These are not fancy, haute cuisine tacos, but rather real street food. And they are good. The chicken tacos and shredded beef are both delicious. At $8 – $10 they are also a real value. We also had the garlic shrimp, which is always a favorite. While they were good, and very garlicky, at $13, it was a lot of rice and not so many shrimp.

Once you order, you will probably need to wait 10 -1 5 minutes for your food to be ready, as it is all prepared to order.

That being said, I would pick up from Taco Express again in a heartbeat. They are already very busy, so the food is fresh and does not linger too long. Plus, the menu is extensive enough that you don’t always have to have the tacos. But, who are we kidding? I’m sure that is exactly what I will have. Every time.

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