6 Unique Cruise Itineraries

Use your time wisely for a fabulous vacation.
Use your time wisely for a fabulous vacation.

If you think that cruise ships just sail around the Caribbean, you are missing out on a world of cruising opportunity. Most people have heard of Alaskan cruises and Mediterranean cruises, but there are so many more choices these days. Check out some of these fantastic, unique cruise itineraries. (If any of them strike your fancy, just let me know and I can get it all booked for you.) 

  1. Scotland and Ireland. Celebrity Silhouette cruises the British Isles a few times each year. In 2016 she is there during the British Open. Bonus: After visiting Scotland, Ireland and England, you can also see Paris before returning to Amsterdam.
  2. Antarctica. Love penguins? Want to go to the ends of the earth? Antarctica might be the trip for you. There are a few companies that can get you there, but for luxury while freezing your patootie off, check out the Seabourn Quest for fantastic 21 and 24 day itineraries.
  3. Middle East. Are you curious about the Middle East, but a little hesitant to dive head first into a land based trip? A cruise is a good choice. Azamara has 11 and 12 night itineraries that will get you an overnight in Ashdod, Israel (the port for Jerusalem), as well as Haifa, and in Egypt, Port Said and Alexandria. Bonus: Easy, low-key stops in Greece round out the itinerary.
  4. The North Pole. If Antarctica seems a little tame for you, Quark Expeditions has cruises to the North Pole. There are very few of these cruises, and they are on an expedition ship that has to plow through ice, so they are not the lap of luxury. Two weeks to the North Pole will set you back about $30,000 per person.
  5. Africa. Wait. You thought Africa was only for safaris and rich dentists, right? Well, there are a number of great safaris, but the western coast of Africa is also a great place to cruise. From Zanzibar to Cape Town, Silversea has you covered.
  6. Transatlantic, without 10 sea days.  While a transatlantic cruise seems like my idea of heaven (10 – 12 days at sea with nothing to do but eating and drinking, and nobody can find me!), to my mother it seems like a nightmare (10 – 12 days at sea with nothing to do but eating and drinking. HELP.) I guess it is all about perspective. However, there are ways to get across the Atlantic and lower the number of sea days. Cunard goes from New York to Southampton, England in just 7 days. But those are still all sea days. Seabourn and Holland America both offer cruises from 18-22 days leaving Copenhagen, stopping in Greenland and Iceland before arriving in New York or Montreal. These itineraries have a very reasonable (by my mother’s standards) 5 or 6 days at sea.

You can see cruising is not just about St. Somewhere (although it can be). There are as many unique itineraries as there are eager travelers. If you can’t wait to take a cruise – one of these, or any others – please let me know and I will assist you every step of the way. I am a full-time, full service travel agent, and I am here to help.