The Hardest Foods to Avoid While Dieting

I think having more pints than people is perfectly rational.
I think having more pints than people is perfectly rational.

I’ve been pretty good. I have managed to keep off about twenty pounds, and FKGuy, who has far more willpower that I do, has lost about thirty-five pounds. I am now at a point where I need to hunker down and lose the last 8 – 10 pounds already. As added incentive, we have several cruises coming up on the calendar, and there is no dieting on vacation.

...the same is true for wine.
…the same is true for wine.

I have give up 99% of the processed foods I once ate. No more frozen pizzas (even the organic kind) for me. Every once in a while I do cheat and indulge in some bottled salad dressing or BBQ sauce (organic, with only good ingredients). But there are a few things that I find overly tempting. And working out a few times per week with weights and playing tennis a couple of times a week makes me want to indulge from time to time. Well, all the time.


Seriously. Cheese on salad. Cheese as a snack. I love all varieties, and I know that they are no good for me. But is cheese as bad as, say…


I was buying groceries today (fruit, mushrooms, ginger, in addition to the aforementioned cheese) when I noticed that Haagen Dazs was on sale for $2.89/pint. The chocolate gelato was impossible to resist.


Some people swear by legumes, while others (particularly Paleo-inclined) steer away from them. I’ve learned through this process that as much as I love beans, they simply do not like me. Best to avoid them. However, Mexican food, and those delicious tacos, fajitas and enchiladas are not only filled with beans, but also tortillas. A bad combination for me.


My pasta consumption is down to next to nothing. Where it was once a default meal (“Oh look! We have pasta, tomatoes and garlic in the house, I guess we will have penne arrabiata tonight!“), it has turned into a special occasion item. Not for lack of craving, as I could eat the stuff daily.


Is there anything better than freshly baked bread with soft, spreadable butter? No. There is not. And every time I go out for a meal I meet temptation head on. I have found myself caving recently, and am simply going to have to stop. Now.


FKGuy seems to not have any issue with fries. He can eat them daily and not gain an ounce. Apparently fried potatoes work for him. Not so for me. But they taste so good, and often come alongside even more delicious foods, like the Friday Night Fish Fry from The Bier Boutique.


Between the rice and the soy, the only part of this I should be eating is the fish, and who wants to eat a hunk of raw fish without any of the good accompaniments? Not me.


Cutting down is probably a good idea, but not so much fun.


Don’t even get me started on the holiday season, hors d’oerves and parties…

What are your diet busters? If you have any good tips on how to avoid these things, besides sewing my mouth shut, I am all ears. Leave a comment below!

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