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What's more fun than a flight of wine? Two flights.
What’s more fun than a flight of wine? Two flights.

Summer specials abound in Key West, and the folks at The Flaming Buoy Filet Co. have joined the fray with their new Bites and Flights menu. Available every evening, the new menu features flights of four wines, as well as small portions of some of their most popular dishes. All of this is available in addition to the regular menu. 

Do you ever go out and have trouble deciding which wine to try? I don’t usually have that particular issue, but I know many people do. If so, or if you are feeling indecisive, the flights menu is for you. Choose from Italian Reds, Italian Whites, Rosés, or bubbles. For $14 you’ll get four half-glasses of wine. They come in adorable, tiny carafes and are a fun way to start an evening. Of course, for more fun, continue through all four flights.

We tried the Italian whites, and although I have had the Vernaccia many times, I had never tried the Soave or Pinot Blanc and enjoyed them both. See? Stepping out of your comfort zone leads to fun new discoveries.

A small spinach salad.
A small spinach salad.

The best part of the new menu, however, are the bites. You can mix and match a salad or soup, a dessert and any other two bites for $22, or order individually ($4 – $9 each). On the menu are favorites like a cup of chili or black bean soup, a small version of the wedge or spinach salads, and a teeny tomato and mozzarella salad.

Dinner bites are my favorite. Nearly guilt-free ways to enjoy some carb-y favorites like lobster mac and cheese or the three-way (spaghetti topped with chili, cheese, and onions). I, for one, will not feel guilty about enjoying a few spoonfuls of pasta. A whole plate of it is another story. Other delicious bites include grilled Key West pink shrimp, a shrimp quesadilla, ribs, and sliced New York strip atop crostini with blue cheese sauce. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

I guess it may not be guilt-free when they are all set out together?
I guess it may not be guilt-free when they are all set out together?

The best part about the small portions is this: there is always room for dessert. Once again, I don’t feel the least bit guilty about sharing a half-portion of dessert. After all, it is just a few bites of delicious limoncello sponge cake or spicy chocolate quesadilla.

A tiny cake on a tiny pedestal.
A tiny cake on a tiny pedestal.

Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong. Try several things. Share with friends. Get them all. You won’t be disappointed.

The Flaming Buoy is located at 1100 Packer Street in Key West and is open for dinner nightly starting at 6 PM. Reservations are recommended.


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