Pesce & Pasta, Hollywood, FL

The few, sad, mediocre restaurants in downtown Hollywood are slowly being replaced by places that don’t suck. First Ends Meat came along, bringing casual and delicious food to a sorely lacking area. Now, Pesce & Pasta has opened in the former Face location, and it is a welcome addition to the (former) dining wasteland. 

That’s a lot of cheese.

My parents had been going to Pescecane in Surfside for years, and when they closed for “renovations” and it was evident they would not be reopening, they mourned the loss of an amazing fish restaurant. The same owners then opened Pesce & Pasta in Hollywood a few months ago, and it is awesome.

Though they did not change the interior too much, the space is lovely, with billowing white curtains separating tables along the wall. Outside there are a few tables to enjoy the beautiful Florida weather or watch the somewhat entertaining pedestrian traffic. We chose outside, as there was a large group inside having a party.

Stunning Dover sole.

By now you may be wondering if the food was any good? Indeed, the same great quality, presentation, and flavors are here, just as they had been in the old location. Complimentary nibbles including bruschetta, fried zucchini, and Parmigiano cheese, in addition to bread, came out as we looked over the extensive menu. FKGuy and I shared a Caprese salad, with perfectly creamy mozzarella and perfectly red tomatoes with olive oil and a sweet, rich balsamic. My parents shared an arugula salad with tomatoes and Parmigiano, which was also very good.


Entrees at the table included a Dover Sole, served whole the fileted, topped with a lemon butter sauce. I chose a half order of the porcini ravioli in a porcini mushroom cream sauce. The fish is melt-in-your-mouth tender, and the sauce provides a perfect compliment.

As for the ravioli? I have never met a porcini mushroom that I didn’t like and hese are no exception. While not so good for the waistline, these little ravioli are bursting with delicious porcini flavor.

Delicious grilled artichokes.

Normally side orders are an afterthought, but at Pesce & Pasta they make a grilled artichoke dish worth taking note. Four perfectly grilled, plump artichokes make a side dish that is delicious while not at all greasy.

Porcini ravioli. Yummy!

During the week Pesce & Pasta features an “executive lunch” for $13.95. Diners enjoy a soup or salad, plus a main course (either chicken or pasta dish), and cheesecake or tiramisu for dessert. Pesce & Pasta is located at 2022 Hollywood Boulevard, in Hollywood, and is open for lunch and dinner.