Farmhouse Kitchen, Boca Raton

Farmhouse Kitchen is a lovely choice in Boca.
Farmhouse Kitchen is a lovely choice in Boca.

We recently met some friends for dinner, and in choosing a location it had to meet a stringent set of criteria. Somewhere between Delray Beach and Hollywood, preferably in Boca, vaguely child-friendly, good food and casual atmosphere. I also didn’t want to go someplace absurdly expensive. A search of Open Table yielded several choices, of which the most appealing was Farmhouse Kitchen

An impeccably clean kitchen is a good sign.
An impeccably clean kitchen is a good sign.

We arrived at a nearly empty restaurant on a Thursday evening, leaving me questioning my choice. Fortunately, there was no reason for concern. The menu is small but interesting and each choice has a healthy-ish spin. Our party of six started with deviled eggs, chicken wings, and a kale and cashew flatbread. Although I passed on the eggs, everyone else seemed to enjoy them immensely. The wings, grilled wth pine nuts and capers were delicious, as was the flatbread with kale, cashews, goat cheese, and cauliflower. Suddenly the lack of other patrons didn’t bother me a bit.


I shared the crab cake special with my friend, along with an order of zucchini chips. the crab cakes were very good, but the zucchini chips were outrageous.  I’d eat those every day if it were socially acceptable (and I wouldn’t have to make them.) FKGuy enjoyed the nut and seed crusted chicken, while the kids were more carnivorous. A steak for the older one and a bison burger for the little guy. I’m pretty sure he is the only nine-year-old I know that willingly, and knowingly, orders buffalo burgers.


The kids were a good excuse to order dessert, and a brownie with frozen yogurt seemed like the obvious choice. While the brownie was delicious, the fro yo, not so much. Oh well. The rest of the meal, including the service, was excellent, and I would go back again next time I find myself in Boca needing a meal.

What can only be described as a "brownie situation".
What can only be described as a “brownie situation”.

Farmhouse Kitchen is located at 399 SE Mizner Boulevard in Boca Raton. They are open for lunch and dinner daily, with a special brunch menu on the weekends. They also have another location in Delray Beach.

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