Hurricane Irma Update

I can’t possibly thank you enough, my readers and friends, for the outpouring of support and concern before and during this storm. I am thrilled to report that we are just fine. We rode out the storm in Hollywood, with family and friends, and are still in Hollywood awaiting word that we can return to Key West.

One friend has surveyed the outside of our house, and it seems there is likely not too much damage. Irma’s full wrath spared much of our tiny island. Large portions of the middle keys did not fare as well.

Communication to the island is slow to return. Damaged cell towers and lack of power is causing anxiety. Water is in short supply in the keys as crews are repairing damage to the water supply into Key West, which is damaged from the storm all the way up to the 7-mile bridge.

As we wait to be able to return, we are thankful for the concern and well wishes. We are truly grateful that we are all okay.

Tomorrow, back to the regularly scheduled (and far more fun) travel posts! I have to catch up on many pre-hurricane adventures!

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