Keeping Your Dog Safe on the 4th of July

Latke will stay in this position for most of July 4th weekend.
Latke will stay in this place for most of July 4th weekend.

Coming up soon is Latke’s least favorite day of the year: the 4th of July. While we celebrate our independence, she shakes with fear wondering how in the hell freedom can be so loud. Latke chimed in with some advice for you, and your pets, to ensure a safe, and not too traumatic, holiday. 


This is pretty easy in Florida as it is sweltering. But in other parts of the country, people are celebrating the glorious weather with beer and the grill. Please, please, please keep your furry friends inside. One loud crack of fireworks can have them scrambling and trying to get away. Don’t put them in that situation.

Latke says: Go ahead, enjoy your time outside if you must. Please don’t force your dog to hang out with you out there. While I typically enjoy my time in the backyard, when I feel like I am under attack it will not end well. I will just go snuggle in my sister’s bed, thankyouverymuch. 

Taking a snooze is a better use of Babka’s time than seeing fireworks.


I get it. Fireworks are cool. Go and enjoy them, but leave your dogs home. Even if your dog doesn’t freak out every time there is a boom, they probably won’t enjoy a whole evening feeling like they are under attack while their trusted humans cheer with glee.

Latke says: Babka thinks she’s all that just because she doesn’t get bothered by loud noises. Whatever. We aren’t going anywhere near a fireworks celebration. Ever. 


There have been several ordinary days in recent history where we have found lost dogs. In one instance I went door to door until I found the owner. A couple of hours later, the owner had his untagged and un-microchipped dog back. I am certain he did not take my advice of buying a $5 tag and putting it on the dog’s collar, so this doesn’t happen again.  In another instance, we took the dog to the SPCA as we could not identify him, and we could not find his owner. Don’t let this happen to you. Any dog can escape if they are scared enough. Make it easy for someone to identify them and get them home quickly.

Latke says: Escape? No way. I am staying home, snuggling in bed, possibly watching a movie and eating treats the whole time. But, if I did somehow sneak out of the house, I would want to get back as soon as possible. Those treats aren’t going to eat themselves, you know. 


Enjoy your picnic. Have a few beers (or margaritas, or mimosas, or whatever else you enjoy). Just keep them out of reach of the dog.

Latke says: Why? Just because I am underage? Boo. 

Actually, no. Dogs can’t metabolize alcohol, and even a small amount can have devastating effects. Regardless of how old you are, Latke, I am not giving you any wine. Stop asking.

LEAVE THE FIREWORKS TO THE PROS ON THE 4th OF JULY (and the rest of the year)

Every year, hundreds of people end up in emergency rooms across the country for insisting on setting off home fireworks. While most people know to stay away from the lit fireworks, dogs don’t. They are curious by nature and will try to explore. If you insist on setting off fireworks at home, or in the street, please keep your pet away from the action.

Latke says: No way, man. Don;t light up near me. Those things are scary enough from afar. 


Bottom line: keep your pets safe this holiday by leaving them home, and indoors. As for Latke? She will take some melatonin and chill out with her treats and look forward to the end of the celebration.