The Afterdeck

Some people know Louie’s Backyard as a great dinner spot. Others know it as an outrageously expensive restaurant. Yet a few more simply know about it because Jimmy Buffett often mentions it in song. I have (gasp) yet to dine there, but I have had the pleasure of having drinks at the Afterdeck Bar.

There is no shortage of places to have a drink, or six, in Key West. The Afterdeck, however, is one of the best. Why? The Afterdeck is, as the name implies, a deck, over the Atlantic Ocean. There is simply not a better view around. My friends that live in Harbor Place in Truman Annex come close, as they overlook the harbor and have two balconies. With all of the boat parades, races and other goings-on, it is a mighty fine view indeed. In terms of places to live, it has the best view I’ve seen yet. Certainly it beats the view of the Apple Bank on 81st and 1st in Manhattan that I almost had once. I chose to move back to Florida instead.

Louie’s view is extremely peaceful. You simply sit, relax and look out onto the ocean. It didn’t hurt the low key, peaceful atmosphere that it was not particularly crowded when we have been there. If you want to go someplace civilized for a drink, where you can have table service, real glass and nobody slobbering on you, this is a great choice, especially in good weather.

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