Activity Review: Barefoot Billy’s Jetski Tour

As I was talking up Barefoot Billy’s Jet Ski Tour over on Cruise Critic, reader Michelle from Indiana pointed out the lack of review here on Florida Keys Girl. So, here you go Michelle:

After some extenuating circumstances that made our friends from Tampa miss the big wine weekend, they finally made it down for a visit a few weeks ago. Our friend is a native Floridian who had never been south of Cutler Ridge, so we had to make the most of the couple’s three days in Key West. We let them spend the afternoon at Sloppy Joe’s before meeting up for a great dinner (and wine dinner do-over) at Blackfin Bistro on Duval Street.

The next day, we decided to do some type of activity. We could have gone kayaking, but that seemed to require too much effort. Fishing? Too pricey to charter a boat, plus a whole day commitment. Instead, we went on a 27 mile, two hour jet ski tour around Key West.

The obvious question here is: Why do you need a tour? Can’t you just rent a jet ski and tootle around? Sure you can. But the folks at Barefoot Billy’s make the tour so enjoyable. They point out important historic sites (The Real World Key West house), as well as other sites (the house of the dude with the 500-foot yacht, which is bigger than the cruise ship I was on in June) and most of all, they make sure you don’t get lost.

Our tour was comprised of about 6 jet skis,with two people each. Besides us and our friends, other folks on the trip were: the 40-plus couple from Norway – the guy was clearly overcompensating and needing to show off his amazing use of the gas – yes, we know they go fast, we’re on the tour, too; there were two jet skis of men of indeterminate relationship who were perfectly well behaved and nice; then there was the jet ski with the two women – I think they need to give breathalyzer tests before allowing you to ride. They should also give IQ tests as these were quite possibly the dumbest – and most annoying – people on earth. There’s one – in this case two – in every crowd.

Despite the dumb people and the overcompensating people, we had a great time. If you are in Key West for the day or for a week, you should consider this tour, as it has a whole lot of highlights in two hours: sun (usually), water, excitement and adventure. Don’t forget to tip your guide.

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