Happy New Year, 5774

The un-traditional gefilte fish. Let’s hope it tastes as good as it looks.

Wishing my Jewish readers, family and friends a happy, healthy and sweet new year. This year we welcome the new year with family, friends and my very first brisket. Indeed, this is the first year I will be making the festive holiday meals. Among the firsts: brisket (intimidating, but only before I started it; the three ingredients were pretty easy to manage), sweet and sour meatballs (not so scary, I’ve made them a million ┬átimes), cherry chicken (never made it, but not a big deal), gefilte fish (definitely scary, but I made it yesterday and it is resting happily in the refrigerator), and a few other dishes.

I’m sure the dining will be good (more on that next week) and the family visits fun. I’ll be back on Monday with all new adventures, including the holiday recap, some new (to me) restaurants and yes, emergency panties.

Happy New Year.

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