Vino’s on Duval

I feel like I’ve written about “Key West’s newest wine bar” several times in the last few weeks. New places keep popping up forcing me to try them all. The newest of the genre is Vino’s on Duval, which just opened last week. Does Key West need another wine bar? I asked Clayton, the owner, that very question. His response: In Europe there are wine bars on every corner. True. But we are not in Europe. Can Key West support a seventh wine bar?

Vino’s has a wonderful front porch, where you can sit and enjoy a glass (or bottle) of wine or a beer. The inside is charming. The bar top is made of wooden box tops from various wines. The wall of candles adds to the atmosphere.

There is a selection of about eight reds and eight whites to have by the glass. Although the selection was not overly inspiring, we each enjoyed a glass of wine – a Malbec and an Oregon Pinot Gris. It seemed to me that the wines were selected by their Southern Wine rep, with little input by the owners. They certainly can use some more intriguing choices.

The location is very good: 810 Duval Street. It is right in the middle of Duval, between the galleries of Upper Duval and the bars of Lower Duval. It is perfect for a glass of wine before the drag show across the street at 801 Bourbon.

Overall, it is a lovely place with a super friendly owner. One can only hope that as they get going they can improve their wine selection. I’ll be back next week for the actual grand opening.

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