Key West Half Marathon

Yep, I’m nuts. That is the only explanation for having run the Key West half marathon yesterday, a mere two weeks after Disney. Several friends who did the Disney run also did the Key West run yesterday. I was really looking forward to this run for a few reasons.

  1. I was already trained. I did the Disney half marathon, successfully, so clearly I could make it through another 13.1 miles
  2. FKGuy was doing this with me. He trained for a whopping 9 days and still managed to come out unscathed. There’s a lot to be said for natural athletic ability, of which I have none. Good thing I am stubborn.
  3. Most of my Team in Training people were also running the race, so I got to see some familiar, friendly faces along the way.
  4. I trained on this course. I have run it a million times, or so it seems.
  5. With 800 runners, it was virtually crowd-free. Very un-Disney-like, and I mean that in a good way.

The race started when it was dark, and a chilly 54 degrees outside. I wore my awesome Lululemon pants. Sadly, I did not have any kind of long sleeves under my tank top, so I was pretty cold for the first mile or so. We all meandered to the start line – which was simply 800 people on the street in front of Dante’s with little organization. We were mid-conversation when the person I was talking to said “Hey, I think we have started” as the crowd began to run. It certainly did not have the fanfare, or fireworks, of Disney.

Many thanks to the volunteers who, every step of the way to provided directions and encouragement. There were plenty of water stations, also supplying Gatorade. Kudos to the police officers holding up traffic so we could cross the streets safely.

I was not a fan of the velcro ankle timing chip. For one thing, it is sort of gross. I’d much rather use the disposable ones. For another thing, they only measure your finishing time. So, if like me, you are at the back of the pack having a conversation when the race starts, your “official” time has started well before you actually get to the starting line.

The race finished around the corner from where it started, in the Dante’s parking lot. Timing chips were collected and Mix1 protein shakes were given out (yuck). Fortunately for me, there was also a medical tent supplying ice packs.

I finished the race in 2:41:01 (official time), which is a full 4 minutes and 16 seconds faster than my Disney time. Watch out elite runners, one day I may catch up to you. I’ll be 80 and in a power wheelchair by then, but it could happen.