And the winner is…

The Sun-Sentinel has once again announced the Best of Blogs winners in spectacular fashion. Bloggers, friends of Bloggers and even FKGuy gathered at YOLO in Fort Lauderdale for the grand announcement. It is interesting to put faces with blogs, that is for sure. I can only imagine what they thought of me…

I am very proud of the blogs that won this year, in particular: For Best Neighborhood Blog, Midtown chic-a, who was not able to join us at the event as she was en route to Greece for her honeymoon. Congratulations! For Best Twitter Feed, @HRBartender – way to go, Sharlyn! For Best Humor Blog, Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds. Come on, it is a great name, and darn good blog. In the Best Personal Blog, Jenn brings home the win with her cheap, chic fashionista blog, Chasing Louboutin. There is a similar picture of the two of us over there as well!

Of course, your favorite travel blog and mineĀ  (yes, this one), Florida Keys Girl won for Best Travel Blog for the second year in a row. I truly appreciate all of your support. Spread the word, share the blog with your friends and family, and leave a comment once in a while.

See you in the Keys!

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