Schooner Wharf, Key West

Along the harbor in Key West lie several eateries and bars. For whatever reason, I have never eaten at the Schooner Wharf. Last weekend, I was inspired to do just that. After a morning of tennis, we hopped on our bikes and headed to harbor. Schooner Wharf is ubiquitously Key West. There is a surly guy playing guitar and singing (he is quite good). There is no flooring, practically the whole place is outside.  Service is laid back and friendly. I asked for a refill of iced tea, as my 8 ounce cup would not last more than two minutes, and was brought a whole pitcher, which even I could not finish.

We had a red snapper melt – like a tuna melt, but on crack. Fresh fish slathered in onions, mushrooms and cheese served with fries (well, you could have cole slaw, but really, why?) It is a big sandwich, akin to the Hogfish Bar and Grill Killer Hogfish sandwich. Different fish, different bread, same tastiness. It is good to have choices in life that all end in a good meal. We also had a fish taco, made with fresh mahi-mahi. Wrapped burrito style, more than taco style, it was easy to eat (read: no mess) and delicious. In lieu of fries, FKGuy got the very responsible side salad. A large, fresh salad, it is easy to see why we have friends that come here just for the salads.

The menu is huge and there is something for everyone. With the friendly service, good food and fun entertainment, the Schooner Wharf is a good choice for a meal, especially on a nice day.

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