Dante’s, Key West

Imagine yourself on a hot and humid day, just aching to swim in a nice, cool pool. Sure, you could go to the beach, but then you would get all sandy and need to pack a picnic lunch to bring along. It requires a little forward thinking, or at least a trip to the store before heading to the sand. Happily, Dante’s provides a nice alternative – huge pool and surprisingly good food.

We arrived to find many of the lounge chairs already taken, but there were a couple that were free in the corner, which was perfect for me. After being there about an hour a DJ started setting up shop directly behind my head. I thought it could not possibly be a good thing and our time at the pool would be short lived, as nothing says not relaxing like a DJ blaring really loud music from giant speakers directly into your ears. Turns out, it was just fine. He was not terribly loud and picked good, pool-appropriate music.

But, it was not just the pool that was the draw, although, who are we kidding? It was a big draw and the reason we went to Dante’s that day. We also needed some lunch after a morning of tennis playing by FKGuy (I am still on the injured list and recovering from knee surgery). I had the special sandwich, which was basically eggplant parmesan with fried yellowtail on it. Served on plain bread, it was completely overindulgent, but amazingly good. The fish was fresh and the tomato sauce tasty. Plus, it was served with delicious, obviously hand-cut fries. FKGuy had the blackened mahi sandwich, also served with the delicious fries. His was a giant piece of fish atop a huge piece of Cuban bread, and it was delicious.

It is not the kind of place I normally go by and say “hmmm… I bet they have really good food“, as the party atmosphere takes over most of the time.  But it turns out they do, and it does not seem to be a fluke. Back in December we had a fish fry fundraiser (say that 10 times, fast) for Team in Training and they did a great job with the food then, too. Bravo Dante’s.

I would certainly go back, although since I am moving into a house with my very own pool soon, it probably won’t be to go to the pool.