One Year

It has been well over a year since I have been spending loads of time in Key West. In honor of this not-so-specific milestone, I thought I would recap some highlights.

  • A year ago this weekend we were watching the power boat races from our friend’s balcony. This weekend we will be doing the same. Don’t mess with success.
  • During the power boat races, on the balcony, last year we discussed with our Realtor an offer that we would put on a house. It is a short sale. We are still waiting. (Insert cricket sounds here)
  • In the past year we have made some interesting new friends.
  • We have joined a new synagogue. OK, new to us – it is, in fact, the oldest congregation in South Florida.
  • We have put lots and lots of miles on our cars.
  • The real estate market still sucks, a lot, which is good for me – note aforementioned short sale.
  • You can meet a perfectly good hairdresser just by ogling her overly large steak while sitting at the bar at Michael‘s. Cherylann is great, and Florida Keys Guy has the haircut to prove it.
  • There is usually some sort of good, live music happening, but you will have to pick up the Paradise section of the newspaper to find out about it.
  • Several new wine bars have opened. Current count: 9, as I am not going to call White Tarpon a “wine bar” simply because they sell and serve wine. Let’s see which ones last until next year’s list.
  • This year the Masquerade March proved highly entertaining. Probably because I used a random person’s bathroom, hung out with winos and did not have a scratched cornea. That last one always puts a damper on things.

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