Travel Wish List: The Top 10 Places I Want to Go

Even in less-than-perfect weather, a cruise is still a great vacation.
Even in less-than-perfect weather, a cruise is still a great vacation.

As a travel agent, I plan trips for clients all over the globe: from custom African safaris to luxury cruises to Antarctica (and everywhere else), and everywhere in between. My obsession with travel fueled my business, and this blog. I have been fortunate to travel extensively throughout my life. However, there are many places to go still. Here is a list of my (current) Travel Wish List. Do any of them look familiar to you? Where do you want to go?

Norwegian Fjords. I don’t have kids, and I have never seen Frozen, yet I still want to go to Norway. The fjords seem like a great opportunity for beauty, outdoor activities, and a bit of relaxing. Plus, Seabourn has a lovely 14 day cruise itinerary (which is the reason this is at the top of the list).

Galapagos Islands. Also nearing the top of the list, the Galapagos islands are supposed to be stunning. I have only seen photos. As a bonus, the blue footed boobies aren’t terribly political, so it seems like a good choice regardless of the political climate elsewhere in the world.

Machu Picchu. This will likely be lumped in with the Galapagos for the same trip, assuming time (and budget) allows. I’d like to see what the Incas were building in the mid-1400s.

Thailand. Pad Thai. Green papaya salad. Curry. Seriously, need I say more?

New Zealand. One of my college roommates spent a semester there, and it has always seemed like a good idea to go. Hiking, outdoor activities, and lots of wineries. From the US, you need at least 3 weeks, though, given the time changes and length of flight, so I doubt I will be going any time soon.

Australia. Most people lump Australia and New Zealand into one trip as they are fairly close together, but Australia is roughly the same size as the continental US, so I think that is worthy of its own trip, no? (Of course, when the day comes that we can get there, I am guessing we will have to lump it all in to one trip.)

Montreal. Although FKGuy has been there, I have not, and that just seems wrong. Plus, we have plenty of wine geek friends that live there and can show us a good time.

Portugal. You may note there is a wine theme to some of these places. In Portugal, it is about the port.

England. Scotland. Wales. Well, really I want to go to Scotland, and Wales. We met a lovely couple from Tenby, Wales on a cruise a couple of years ago, and it has stuck in my mind ever since. As for England? I haven’t been to London since I was a child, and FKGuy has never been.

Glacier National Park. Although it seems like it would be rather cold, and we are going to Alaska in May, I really enjoyed the short time we spent in Montana, and I would like to go back. Glacier National Park seems like the perfect excuse.

So, that is my list. Although some of the places tend to change from time to time, many have been on the list for quite some time. I am hoping to get to Norway and Peru in the next few years. What is on your travel wish list? Let me know how I can help you plan a fabulous trip!