Where to go in Colorado? (Seeking suggestions)

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Summer travel season is upon us. The population of  Key West has been reduced by about half as snowbirds return north for the summer. As things slow down, it is usually a good time to take a trip. Heeding my own advice, I planned a trip to Colorado at the end of the month.

FKGuy and I are headed to Chicago (for a party and to drink wine with friends) and then on to Colorado. We will spend a few nights in Aspen before going to Boulder to visit other friends that we haven’t seen in entirely too long.

As we will be with locals in Boulder, I am not planning a thing. It is a big deal for me (always a planner and generally a control freak about said plans) to simply go with the flow.

That leaves me with three days in Aspen. We will be staying at The Innsbruck, which I am very excited about, and thus far have no plans. I am looking for suggestions of things to do (like specific hikes or any other must-do or must-see activities) and places to eat (great food is a requirement, good wine list or corkage-friendly will be helpful). I hear there are a lot of great restaurants, so I am trying to avoid the overpriced, over-touristed ones and stick to the fabulous. I only have three days.

So, have you been to Aspen recently? What are your favorite activities? Restaurants? Please leave a comment here and let me know!

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