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I lived in New York City for six years after college (a while ago) and loved every minute of it. Well, most minutes of it. The part where I was run over by a taxi on my way to work? Not so much. The constant things to do and places to go? Absolutely.

The decision to move to Florida twelve years ago started with us looking to buy an apartment. For the same amount of money we could have either (a) an 800 square foot apartment that needed to be gutted, with high maintenance and taxes or (b) a house with more than one bathroom and many bedrooms. We went with option b.


For a long time I missed living in New York. There were a few reasons for this: (1) the abundance of good restaurants, all close by, (2) I never had to drive, (3) everything was accessible and (4) I could get Chinese food at 3 AM, delivered right to my door. It did not matter that in six years, not once did I have any sort of food delivered at 3 AM, but I could have.


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I had none of those things living in Hollywood. Yes, I deluded myself by thinking that we could walk to the beach. Technically we can, and do, but it is a good two mile stroll. Good for marathon training, not so great for an afternoon at the beach.

Then Key West entered the picture. When we bought a home in Key West, it solved most of those needs: I could walk or bike everywhere and have an abundance of good restaurants just a stroll away. I have no idea if I can get Chinese food delivered at 3 AM (I would assume not), because that doesn’t matter. I don’t need to be eating anything at 3 AM, much less fried food laden with MSG. Oh, and then there is the weather. No snow, no freezing rain, just sunshine with the occasional hurricane.

I no longer miss living in New York. I still like to visit, as we have many friends living there. But I no longer feel the need to be a New Yorker. I don’t want to have to make the taxi vs subway decision. I certainly don’t want to be standing on a street corner in the rain trying to hail a cab. I don’t want to go to restaurants on a regular basis where I don’t know the owners or staff.I certainly don’t want to wear socks on a regular basis unless I am running.

This weekend we visit friends and family in Manhattan. We will eat well, spend quality time with people we see far too infrequently, spend too much money (it is New York City), undoubtedly have a great time and once again, reaffirm why I no longer live there. (Full restaurant recap coming next week).

Babka will be hanging out with her friend Maggie, the 52 pound English bulldog, so hopefully she will have a good time, too.

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