I Take It Back

I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Everyone has a bad day sometimes. Restaurants have off nights  – although, according to my friend Steve, if a restaurant is having an off night, why should the customer pay the same amount for a lesser quality? Steve has a point, but again, we all have our moments.

I feel this way about the restaurant issue: if I go to a restaurant that is good, and one night the service is off, or the food isn’t quite what it should be, I chalk it up to an off night. If that happens several times in a row, I stop going to that particular place. It happened with Abbondanza and  Ambrosia. Now, Vito’s can be added to that list.

Vito’s opened a few short months ago, and we were delighted to have a  new pizza place, especially one that delivers, in the ‘hood. We tried it for dinner soon after they opened. I figure they have good pizza and a beautiful garden setting, it was clearly a winner.  When we went for dinner a few weeks ago and had bad service, I chalked it up to a fluke.

I recently placed a delivery order from Vito’s. When I was told it would be 45 minutes to an hour wait, I was fine with that. When an hour and twenty minutes passed, I called to inquire. I was assured that our food was on its way. Another fifteen minutes go by before our food arrives. I even felt bad for the delivery person and made FKGuy add an extra buck to the tip. My mistake.

At that point, I was ravenous and went straight for the pizza. Sadly, it was cold. It was delivered a mere four blocks from the restaurant and it arrived cold. Not somewhat warm, this was left-out-on-the-counter-for-an-hour cold. When I called, I really wanted them to know, more than anything. Maybe it was a new delivery person. I was expecting a “Sorry. We won’t let it happen again” Instead, I got someone who put me on with a “manager” whose response to my cold pizza issue was “So?”

Really? “So?” So, next time, I will order from Luigi’s. The food is, in general, better and they are nice. Plus, they delivered in twenty minutes in the pouring rain on Super Bowl Sunday.

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