The Second Time Around: Best Leftovers Ever

The cupcakes... they looked basically the same as I indulged in one for breakfast the next day.
Sometimes leftovers are great: pasta, slow cooked beef, hot fudge sundaes (not all together). But sometimes you have a bunch of leftovers in the fridge and it just seems so sad to stick it on a paper plate, toss it in the microwave and call it a meal. I suppose one might put it on an actual plate, but that wouldn’t be nearly as pathetic.

This weekend, after having company for a lovely meal on Saturday night, I had the following left over: pesto (used in a tomato, pesto and mozzarella tart),

Mushrooms in a fillo shell... the next day would be come part of the mushroom-leek sauce.
roasted snowy grouper, leek and butter sauce for the fish, a few sauteed mushrooms from the appetizers, half a tomato, a third of a ball of mozzarella, some roasted rosemary potatoes, and two amazing cupcakes.

I had one of the cupcakes for breakfast, so crisis averted on that front. But I really did not want a nuked piece of fish for lunch. Enter the best egg sandwich. Ever. A hamburger bun yanked from the depths of the freezer, toasted with butter topped with mushrooms in a butter and leek sauce, a slice of roasted snowy grouper, a slice of tomato, mozzarella, pesto, more leeks and mushrooms -you can never have too much butter – and finished with a fried egg (hey, it was brunch!) Served with a side of breakfast potatoes. They were just roasted little potatoes, but once they get diced and sauteed with onions they become “breakfast potatoes”, and possibly even better than they started.

The caprese tart. This seriously needs to be a part of my regular eating.
Sadly, the photo of the amazing-breakfast-sandwich-made-from-totally-re-purposed-food seems to have disappeared. It may have something to do with the bloody Mary served alongside the sandwich. You will just have to sue your imagination and trust me when I tell you it rocked. I want to have leftovers again just so I can recreate this. Next time I will make a little more effort with the photos.