4th of July

July 4th means a lot of things to people: patriotism, BBQs, fireworks and finding the best spot on the beach to watch the festivities.

My grand plan  involved a dinner reservation at Salute, in time to enjoy a leisurely dinner and then watch the fireworks. The entire plan hinged on getting a good table, by the beach, which we did.

Not only did we get a lovely meal, but the people watching was outstanding. We learned a few things last night:

  1.  Just because a bathing suit covers your nipples, does not mean you should be wearing it. Sometimes you should cover a little, or a lot, more.
  2. If your speakers are taller than me, you are clearly overcompensating. I’m just saying…
  3. If your toddler is not wearing a top to her bikini and she has a tan line, you need to apply more sunscreen to her little body.
  4. Just because a woman is on the other side of the volleyball net, does not insure your victory. Sorry, dude.
  5. A scrawny woman yelling and being held back by her maybe-boyfriend, while still screaming at another woman walking away is always funny. Always.
  6. People will always ooh and aah over fireworks. Although they may not turn down their dreadful “music” during the show.

Higgs beach was a sea of humanity two nights ago. People from all parts of Key West life were there, enjoying a humid evening, and terrible music, courtesy of the guy with too-big speakers.