Roosters – The Baby Chick Follow Up

There has to be a counterpart to the mama hen toting her baby chicks around, right? I mean, she had to have help making those cute little things… Alas, there are many roosters in Key West. I often see one or two hanging out in the empty lot next door, or roaming around the streets.

Normally they don’t bother me. I can usually sleep through all the noise they make, as we have hurricane impact glass, so the house is pretty quiet. But last weekend, I had gone to sleep a little later than normal after being out with out-of-town friends, so I was particularly happy that FKGuy did not have usual early tennis game. We could be leisurely and take our time getting to the tennis courts. (Read: We could sleep late)

Alas, I was rudely awakened by a rooster with an overly aggressive voice. It sounded like he was right outside my window and it felt like it was the middle of the night. It was 6AM, which on a Sunday morning is the middle of the night. As it turns out, he was not right outside my window, which would have been quite a feat considering it is on the second floor, but he was about thirty feet away in the common area.  Sadly, those few feet did not provide a sound buffer.

Any suggestions on ways to not let an obnoxiously loud rooster bother your sleep?

I am hoping that this weekend will bring some much needed sleeping-past-seven-AM, and that there will not be any feathered beast interrupting those glorious moments of sleep. Once I have  some beauty rest, I will be back with much anticipated restaurant reviews and more food talk.

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