15 Years

Today marks fifteen years that FKGuy and I have been married. Last year, in honor of the occasion, I wrote about things that happened in 1997. This year, I am reflecting on just how much can happen in fifteen years.

As a wine geek, I am always interested in harvest time (by “interested” I mean “not planning a trip to California during that time“), and in fifteen years there have been thirty harvests. (You didn’t forget the southern hemisphere, did you?) We have seen three presidents.  We have gotten iPods, iPads and Facebook.  We have seen September 11 and the subsequent big, fat world mess that has led to.

We have gone from having exclusively a land line, with an answering machine (yes, I do remember the day that our friends bought us our first cordless phone) to only have cell phones. I remember when we first got cell phones and it cost a fortune to actually use them (and you couldn’t hear the person on the other end, anyway). Digital photography has become the norm. Perhaps for our next anniversary I will scan some wedding photos.

We have more usernames and passwords than we can remember. (I know I am not alone with that…) AT&T has introduced a wireless receiver that you can move around, so you can take your TV outside and watch while in the pool. I’m not sure I want quite that much technology in my life. Although in another fifteen years, I probably won’t have a choice.

In the past fifteen years we have lived in two states, rented apartments, purchased (and sold) homes, an have gone through several cars (some car relationships ended better than others).

It has been a hell of a ride so far, and I am looking forward to the next fifteen, or fifty. I am certainly curious to see if I will still be blogging then!

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