Louie’s Backyard, Key West

I have been to the Afterdeck for cocktails many times, and have dined upstairs at the Upper Deck, but had yet to eat in the main restaurant at Louie’s Backyard. I decided it was just the place for our anniversary lunch. I am sorry to say that the photos seem to have disappeared, so you will have to imagine all the smoked salmon goodness.

We arrived to a nearly empty restaurant, which was fine by me, as we had our choice of air conditioned tables. Our service was very good, and my iced tea was refilled adequately, which means it was refilled about forty times to compensate for my ability to drink gallons upon gallons of the stuff when it is hot, slightly warm or even downright chilly out. Nonetheless, my glass was in a constant state of refill, so I was pleased. My bladder, on the other hand, was not.

The room itself is lovely with an old Key West feeling. All of the furnishings are beautiful, as if they came out of someone’s (with really good taste) living room. The view is just spectacular, as the restaurant sits higher than the outside deck, so unobstructed water views abound.

I know what you are thinking: blah, blah, water views, how is the food? Well, I am glad you asked. Darn good. We started with the truffled edamame, which were a Chopped judge’s worst truffle-oil-nightmare. Steamed edamamae pods tossed with salt and truffle oil. They were good, and as we were both ravenous, I may have scored them a notch higher than I would otherwise. I am not sure that would be my appetizer of choice next time, but within moments, the bowl was empty, so that says something.

Next up was the sandwich course. FKGuy had the fish sandwich. Sauteed snapper on a soft onion roll with remoulade. Perfectly cooked and a delight not to have to special order a typical fried sandwich. I enjoyed the hot smoked salmon pastrami on rye with horseradish cream cheese, pickled onions and arugula. It was one of the better sandwiches I have had in a while. It was served open faced, which made it easy to pick out each individual component. I am already looking forward to their reopening just so I can have this sandwich again.

Louie’s Backyard is located at 700 Waddell Avenue in Key West and is closed for vacation until September 27.

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