Death in Four Courses, by Lucy Burdette

A couple of weeks ago, I received a UPS package with the latest Lucy Burdette novel, Death in Four Courses. Naturally, I felt special for being on the list of people that has these sent to them. I was also eager to read the follow up to An Appetite for Murder

These books are just plain fun. Well, if you consider murder fun. We reconnect with our heroine, Hayley Snow, as she embarks on her first big assignment for her new job as a food writer. She is covering a literary seminar dedicated to food writers. As it is set in Key West, the seminar revolves around a series of lunches, cocktail parties and dinners.

If you are looking for a foodie tour of Key West, you could do worse than to follow Hayley Snow’s eating habits. Lunch at La Crepeie? Always fantastic. Dinner at Santiago’s Bodega? Yum. In fact, I will be dining there tonight. But there is more to the book than great eats. There is humor – like the guy at the seminar who writes awful poetry about meat, or dragging her mother along on a first date. .

There is also a good bit of mystery. Hayley’s mother, visiting from New Jersey, gets wrapped up in the drama, along with her friends. Death in Four Courses is a quick, but worthwhile, read. Like the last in this series, if you are planning a trip to Key West, you should certainly pick up a copy of this for the plane or the pool. It is a fun vacation read.

Have you read either of these books? What did you think?




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