Rite of Passage

A sugar high for everyone.

This past weekend we went to a Bat Mitzvah of a lovely thirteen year old that I have known since she was about six. At some point mid-service, FKGuy, realized that the girl getting Bat Mitzvah-ed is a real person, not a little kid anymore, and clearly I have known her mom for a very long time. (So we feel old).

The party kicked off with Bellinis, Bloody Marys and, at my request (yes, I realize the inappropriateness of making requests for welcome drinks at other people’s parties, but whatever… it is all part of my charm) Ruby Slippers, which are a delightful mix of champagne and pomegranate juice. This was followed by a huge brunch, dancing, slide shows and loads of fun.

At some point, while I was being spun around by a friend to a Journey song, I realized that all of the young teenagers were singing along. I was incredulous. How could this be? Why do they all know Journey songs? Aren’t they too young? And then it hit me (and, of course, by “hit me“, I mean “was explained to me by a forty-something gay man“) Glee. I never really liked Glee. I just don’t get it. But if it is a vehicle for children to learn about some actually good music, then I have to say, I am all for it. I’m still not watching it, though. (Still feeling old. Actually, even older.)

Once my head stopped spinning (more from the Journey knowledge than being dipped over and over again and trying to avoid a wardrobe malfunction), I was able to fully enjoy the buffet – all sorts of great brunch items: French Toast, potato pancakes (I must’ve eaten about 10 of them), fruit, cold salads and more. It was just delightful. Then there were the vodka soaked gummy bears at the bar. Finally! A decent use for vodka. (not feeling the least bit old.)

Another fun twist to the photo booth was the flip book. They take video, make it into stills and put it all in a handy flip book. When the flip book maker came over and handed me one, I thought she had the wrong person. On the cover were four other people. Then I actually flipped through the book, and there I was, crashing the flip book making, in my usual not-so-subtle fashion.

Finally, wrapping up the afternoon was a candy buffet. Candy as far as the eye can see. Of course, I zoomed right in on the jelly beans and shortly thereafter crashed from the sugar high. (Still not feeling too old.)