Weekend Recap

Any weekend that starts like this is going to be good.
Ahhhhh, the glorious days of lounging in Key West, being totally relaxed with nothing to do. Alas, that was not this past weekend. We had plenty to keep us busy. The weekend kicked off with a feast of sushi at Origami. Yum, yum, yum. In addition, Babka got to play the part of doggie ambassador (more on that on her blog next week.)

After dinner, full and exhausted from an incredibly long week, we moseyed home to relax (which to me means “fall asleep early and stay that way for as many hours as possible“) By Saturday morning, it felt as if we might never get to relax. After a morning meeting,

Party at the tiki bar.
we had a quick lunch  – fish sandwich from Paseo, with the corn on the cob. If you have never had their corn you should probably stop by today. Next up: Home depot, Publix, and then we could get to the real fun… replacing the dish soap pump. I’m telling you – if you have never tried holding the top of something while your spouse contorts under the sink, cursing the entire time, wondering aloud why our sink is so big, and the cabinet so small, and bemoaning the fact that this stupid soap thing is embedded in our counter top, you really haven’t lived. It is the ultimate in teamwork. (OK, maybe not.)

Fortunately, things started looking up when we went out to dinner with friends at Rooftop Cafe. Admittedly, it is not my favorite place in town, but they seemed to be having a good night on Saturday. (Plus, when you

Looks like the pina coladas need refilling...
stay to someone else “You pick – we can go wherever you want,” it is hard to then change the plan because you don’t like where they have chosen.)

Although the Blue Angels were doing air shows both Saturday and Sunday, we missed them for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that I will not spend hours on hot tarmac when it is 85 degrees out if I don’t have to. But I heard it was quite good.

Sunday brought some much needed exercise in the form of tennis, followed later in the day by a potluck at our friends’ house. It was the last time we would see some of the snowbirds until the fall. The party itself was great. I brought the ever-popular sweet and sour meatballs, while the main course was fish, plus salads, rice and beans, wine, beer and pina coladas. It was quite an evening. In addition to the great food, a highlight was FKGuy plucking a deaf poodle out of the pool after he accidentally fell in. (More on that on Babka’s bloglater

FKGuy, still a little damp from removing the dog from the pool.
this week.)

With all that excitement, we seem to need  a rest from our supposedly relaxing weekend. Although with Passover starting tonight, that seems a bit unlikely.

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