Keeping Secrets

The ring. You know, the one I had to keep quiet for nearly 2 weeks...
The ring. You know, the one I had to keep quiet for nearly 2 weeks…

As you may know, keeping secrets is not my thing. I am not particularly good at it. Case in point, the minute the “secret room” at the Flaming Buoy was opened, I was dining in there and blogging about it. That is not to say I gossip, and I don’t repeat things just for the sake of hearing my own voice. However, I am a big believer that good news needs to be shared, and that is where the problem lies.

So when my friend announced (via text message to a couple of people)  that he would be proposing to his boyfriend, I was thrilled. A. I LOVE the boyfriend. Love, love, love. B. Doesn’t everyone love weddings? C. The ring is from Tiffany. D. The dog just chewed through the boyfriend’s mesh Tiffany ring. Naturally, I could not wait to discuss the details (Will you get married right away? Will you travel to state where gay marriage is legal? I had a lot of questions…)

I was so stressed out trying to keep this secret. The text exchange went like this:

Me (after seeing a photo of the ring): Love it! When is this happening? (You know I am a really bad secret keeper, right?)

Friend: Christmas. Hehe.

Me: I guess Christmas is coming early this year. You should propose at dinner when we see you on the 4th. (Other friends got engaged at a party at our house and halfway through his spiel, the bride-to-be shouted “Oh my gosh! Are you breaking up with me???” Hilarious.) Just do it soon. It is killing me. Hey, at least I know my shortcomings.

Friend: I am going to get you a muzzle. 

Me: I will do my best to behave. Oh, but you may want to delete these texts lest he take a peek at your phone.

It was difficult. I avoided my soon-to-be-engaged friend for a week and a half. I mean really avoided – very few texts, no talk of dinner plans. Nothing. Nada. But I kept my big mouth shut. Until now. But the secret is out, and the ring is on the finger, so I am confident that sharing this with, well, everyone, is not such a bad thing.


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