Weekend Wrap Up

Red, white and blue drink. Well, more of a pink one.
Red, white and blue drink. Well, more of a pink one.

You know that this weekend is going to necessitate some recovery time when it starts on Thursday. Well, this past weekend kicked off Wednesday night with drinks at our friends’ house (two bottles of prosecco and some limoncello) followed by dinner  (and another three bottles of wine), followed by the arrival of our house guests (and another bottle of wine). So, yeah, we are going to need some recovery time. 

Oh, and did I mention our guests arrived with even more wine and a large bottle of tequila? The following evening was the 4th of July, and we had

World's largest key lime pie. It took up most of the street, but I can't say it was appetizing at all...
World’s largest key lime pie. It took up most of the street, but I can’t say it was appetizing at all…

planned to go to The Strip House for dinner (which turned out great). They have a perfect vantage point for watching the fireworks, all while being served good food and avoiding crowds. I managed to keep a secret, well, secret for almost two weeks, and that right there is worth celebrating. (More on that on Wednesday), so everyone came to our house for a pre-dinner drink. As it was July 4, we had a red, white and blue drink of watermelon puree, brandy soaked blueberries and prosecco. OK, it was more of a pink, blue and pale yellow drink, but it was delicious and well, it was the thought that counts.

Another great thing about a long weekend is that everyone seems to have a little extra free time. Babka got a play date with her friend, Enzo the Golden Doodle puppy. She did not enjoy her time in the pool nearly as much as Enzo, or his big brother Dobie, but she enjoyed running around the backyard (and we enjoyed margaritas and wine in the pool). By the next day, when she had yet another play date, Babka was exhausted and just wanted to chill out. I can’t say I didn’t feel the same way.

The weekend was filled with good friends and good food (I may have forgotten to mention the wonderful, as always dinner at Azur, where we ran into the couple from Austin that we met earlier in the week at the Flaming Buoy. I may have suggested – or insisted – that they try Azur, too. Glad to report they loved it.) Yes, it was exhausting, but I am looking forward to the upcoming weekends of house guests that will likely continue through the fall. At least I won’t have any more secrets to keep. I hope.


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