More Caffeine, Please!

The only salvation from my alarm clock is the coffee bar.
The only salvation from my alarm clock is the coffee bar.

It is no secret that I am basically non-functional in the morning unless (a) I have had about fourteen hours of sleep or (b) I get some good coffee. Most of the time I need to go with option b. Over the last several years we have perfected the coffee bar setup at our house: Nespresso, Keurig and all necessary accessories. It has made mornings nearly palatable.

This week, the nice folks at Keurig sent me a coffee maker, along with some tea, coffee and hot chocolate (I am pretty sure the hot chocolate is not on the diet, but more on that later in the week). It has inspired me to share with you all the many reasons why I love my at-home coffee bar.

1. With our current setup, I can have either cappuccino or espresso (from the Nespresso), or coffee, flavored coffee or tea from the Keurig. I can even brew my coffee or tea directly over ice for a cool, refreshing beverage. When you are an iced tea addict, like me, there is nothing better than fresh brewed iced tea, all day long.

2. I never have to go to Starbucks (unless someone insists on meeting there).

3. I can show up at my early morning meetings already caffeinated, so I can actually talk to people.

4. I can always have what I want. For example, if FKGuy wants regular coffee and I want Van Houtte Belgian Chocolate, no problem. Just pop in another pod and everyone gets what they want.

5. The coffee is always fresh. I never have to think about the pot of coffee that has been sitting in the machine since early in the morning.

6. Pod coffee systems are really good for those of us that need – in addition to caffeine – instant gratification. In less that two minutes, with no mess, you can have great coffee.

and possibly the best part:

7. I can actually brew this coffee and it tastes good! For someone who is a good cook, I am notoriously bad at making coffee. It is either too weak, too strong or just gross. With the pods, you just pop them in and pick the size cup you want. Viola!

The folks at Keurig have sent you something, too! I have several coupons for 50% off Keurig brewers on their website, Want one? Leave a comment here about your favorite coffee and I will send you a code via email (until I run out).




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