Decision Overload

Have you ever had a time where you have made so many decisions, it seems that one more will make your head explode? I feel like I am in that position now (and it will probably get worse in the short term, before it gets better). I am on decision overload. You see, I have spent hours on end over the past several days on the phone with various retailers buying fixtures: shower fixtures, toilet paper holders, lights, etc. 

Although I picked out most of this stuff several months ago (and organized it all, complete with website, item number and price) into a nifty spreadsheet, I began second guessing myself. Should I get another type of fixture? Why doesn’t the one I want have LED bulbs? Which sink faucet is better? Which sink is better? Am I sure I am getting the right size sink? (I have since spoken with the builder and indeed, I am getting the correct size sink. Then he lamented how everyone is getting these giant sinks – “What are they doing, bathing in them???“)  I don’t want to know.

Normally, I am fairly decisive. I don’t have trouble picking out things to wear (probably because there are only six things in my closet that fit at the moment, but whatever, it is still decisive.) I can usually order a meal at a restaurant without too much issue (so what if I am often the last at the table to order?). I buy gifts easily. Generally speaking, I am a good decision maker. So it completely throws me for a loop when I stumble.

But I feel much better after writing this, so thank you for listening. Have you had this happen? Have you not been able to stomach one more decision, even a minor one? How do you handle it?

OK, I am not going to second guess my ceiling fan choices anymore. Now, I need to run, since I have a whole bunch of decisions to finalize. But after that, I think FKGuy will have to order dinner for me. It is all so exhausting.

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