One Fur All: Great Product and a Giveaway

This is not the face of a smelly dog.
This is not the face of a smelly dog.

My dogs don’t smell. Well, they do on occasion, and when that happens they get bathed. (It is, of course, in their best interest to smell good all the time as both Babka and Latke hate the bath.) So, when I first heard of the Pet House Candle from One Fur All, I assumed it was not something I needed. I was wrong.

First of all, I usually cannot stand scented candles. Why? Well, because they smell. But these are different. They actually absorb odor, and

The Pet House candle looks great anywhere in the house!
The Pet House candle looks great anywhere in the house!

while they are scented they give off a very subtle aroma. I had the lavender and green tea scent burning on my desk for several hours, about 2 feet away from me. Every once in a while I noticed a waft of a nice fragrance, but most of the time it simply burned int he background absorbing whatever doggie smell (or yesterday’s lunch smell) happened to be in my office at the time.

When the One Fur All folks sent over the candle, I was apprehensive. Honestly, I’m not a candle burning kind of gal, and I really just don’t like the smelly ones. I was quite surprised when I realized I actually like it. I like it so much that I was burning it two days in a row.

I should also mention that these are soy candles, are hand poured and made entirely in the USA, including the jar and the labels. They look so good, they can sit on your countertop, and are delightful even if you don’t have pets. A portion of the proceeds is donated to animal rescue, so you can burn a candle, relax and enjoy the scent, and help needy animals at the same time. That is an all around win.

These candles retail for $19.95 – $21.95 each and are available in three scents: lavender and green tea (outstanding!), citrus and pumpkin spice. Each one last about 60 hours. Check out the website for ordering information.

Want one for free? Enter the giveaway now through November 16, 2014.
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