Happy Independence Day!


My festive 4th of July nails, complete with fireworks.
My festive 4th of July nails, complete with fireworks.

Happy (almost) Independence Day! Tomorrow, millions of people will be celebrating in the usual ways: grilling burgers and hot dogs, setting off fireworks (and subsequently ending up in the emergency room), and gathering with friends and family. The Key West Rotary always does a great job with the fireworks, and Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice of the Florida Keys put on a great picnic event at the Casa Marina, complete with good food, silent auction, entertainment and activities for the kids. As for me? I’ll be celebrating with friends, having dinner on the beach at The Strip House, overlooking the fireworks.

Tomorrow is the day to keep your pets indoors, people. Many are afraid of fireworks, so keep them safe inside. Babka, who is usually not bothered by thunder and fireworks, will be spending her evening on the couch, with her peanut butter and yogurt filled Kong, watching HGTV. (She used to like NCIS reruns, but they were a little too violent for her.)

Have a happy and safe holiday, and I’ll be back next week.

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