Cero Bodega at The Marker Resort

Just go ahead and get a pitcher of the sangria. You're welcome.
Just go ahead and get a pitcher of the sangria. You’re welcome.

Finding Cero Bodega is half the battle. This lovely pool bar/restaurant is located within the new Marker Resort, at the back of the pool area. It is a gorgeous and serene, and can turn an ordinary lunch into a vacation day. Because it feels like vacation, you may even indulge in a pitcher or two of sangria. I’m just saying…

After a meeting, we headed over to Cero Bodega for lunch with friends. First of all, it is important to

Guacamole is a must...
Guacamole is a must…

note that the entire place is outside (it is, after all, a pool bar), and the circulation is not great, so the day we were there it was blazing hot. We immediately ordered the Sangria Fresca, with oranges, raspberries and strawberries, white wine and St. Germain. It was so delicious (and healthy – it was basically fruit salad, right?) we ordered another pitcher.

I did pause to wonder why it was taking a while to get the drinks, when we saw the bartender stroll out of the kitchen with a fresh pint of raspberries and strawberries. He cut the fruit to order, and used so much fruit that for pitcher #2 he had to make a return trip to the kitchen for more berries. (See? It really was fruit salad!)

...as are the wings.
…as are the wings.

Meanwhile, the four of us started with an order of fresh, chunky, delicious guacamoleĀ served with three color tortilla chips. I’ll admit that the red chips freak me out, as I am not a big fan of artificial colors, but they do look nice served with the flavorful, eat-by-the-spoonful-no-need-for-chips guac.

The other started was an order of chicken wings, freshly fried in a tamarind glaze. There was some friendly argument over who was going to eat the last one, but we managed to survive (I kept drinking the sangria), and moved on to sandwiches. A shared fried grouper Ruben for them, and a cheeseburger for us. Both sandwiches were delicious, although given the extreme heat, I would have been better off with a feta and watermelon salad than a hunk of cow. There is always next time.

Our service was friendly, and the atmosphere is relaxed. I am looking forward to a return visit soon, although I may wait until it gets a bit cooler out.

Cero Bodega is located poolside at the Marker Resort, 200 William Street in Key West and is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.