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Proud to be a part of Live Well, Travel Often

We Can’t Be Friends If You Haven’t Seen The Princess Bride

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The other night we were having dinner at the home of some friends (yes, another fabulous meal cooked by someone else), when the subject of movies came up. I can’t remember the exact context, but I was truly shocked to hear that not one of the three other people in the room had seen The Princess Bride. Not one. 

I am not such a movie buff, but enjoy watching movies for light entertainment, a good laugh and  quotable lines (“I’ll have what she’s having.“) I am not particularly into special effects or action, so those would be a lit of their own. There are a zillion movies I have not seen, and many of the most popular TV shows have escaped my viewing, but these classics are, in my opinion, must-see films.

Here are my top must-see movies of the past thirty years, in no particular order:

1. The Princess Bride. My father-in-law used a line from the movie at our wedding ceremony. (“Ma-widge is what bwings us together today.“) Cary Elwes has written a book (As You Wish, The Making of The Princess Bride), which kept me entertained on our recent Alaska trip. There is an all star cast, it is well written and holds up surprisingly well over time.

2. My Cousin Vinny. FKGuy grew up in Alabama, and my in-laws are from the Northeast. Enough said.

3. The American President. I’d like to see Andrew Shepherd as our president. Or Michael Douglas. Either way, really. This movie is packed with witty dialogue, great characters, an amazing cast and Martin Sheen making excellent faces throughout. I could – and have – watch this movie over and over.

4. Pitch Perfect. A new classic. Even though the sequel was not nearly as engaging (how could it be?) as the original, this movie was popular enough to have a sequel. It also makes you sing. Any movie that can make you sing on a regular basis is good. Unless you have my dreadful singing voice.

5. When Harry Met Sally. First of all, I love a good New York-centric movie. It starts with a post-college road trip, and follows Harry and Sally throughout their adult lives until they finally figure out what we knew all along, that they should be together. The result is hilarious, quotable and even gave birth to a line of baby clothes started by friends of mine called Baby Fish Mouth (now closed) .

Honorable mentions to The Producers, because it is so outrageous, and singing Springtime for Hitler at always gets a sideways glace. Plus, Gene Wilder is always fantastic. Also honorable mention to Fletch, because even though FKGuy disagrees that it should be on this list, and it does not hold up well over time, it is still hilarious, and very quotable (“Put it on the Underhill’s tab.”)

There you have it. What are your favorites? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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