Simply Massage, Fort Lauderdale

When I was in high school, my friends and I would take turns walking on each other’s backs. The pressure felt good, even with our perfectly healthy spines. Little did I know then that it would become a thing. Enter Ashiatsu Deep Tissue massage. 

When I first met Erin several months ago, she started talking about this massage she does using her feet, called Ashiatsu. I was intrigued, and a bit terrified. Lying on a massage table while a therapist strolls around on my back? Well, that is not exactly how it works…

Yes, she does use her (extraordinarily clean, and perfectly pedicured) feet to apply pressure. This is a deep tissue massage that actually works. It is not painful in any way, and the pressure is even and consistent. It is so relaxing that I fell asleep partway through the massage. Overhead parallel bars allow Erin to apply the correct amount of pressure at all times, and also to not fall off the table.

I have had many deep tissue massages in the past, and this was, by far the best. There is no residual muscle pain from being poked by elbows, and she somehow manages to use serious pressure, while maintaining relaxation. Like any massage, this releases a lot of toxins and I got up from the table feeling a bit dehydrated. I should have gone home and relaxed, not out to dinner with friends (and wine) followed by a party (and Moscow Mules).

You should know that I have enjoyed this massage so much, that this was my second visit. Although only good for a couple more days, through the month of October, the Ashiatsu massage is a steal at $40 for an hour massage (regularly priced at $70). She also does just about every other type of massage. Simply Massage is located in Wilton Manors at 1881 NE 26 Street, suite 238. Appointments can be made by phone, 954-380-8829, or via email.