Canine House Guests VS Human House Guests

One of our recent house guests, Czonka, making himself right at home at the dinner table.

The past several months have brought us both human and canine house guests. Sometimes the dogs come with their human servants, and sometimes by themselves. I’ve realized that the same basic rules apply to either the four-legged, or two-legged guest. Babka and Latke have been urging me to write this post (they have had quite a bit of practice being both hosts and guests). Here are six ways to be a better house guest, when you are a dog. 

Know the Sleeping Arrangements

Do you get to share the humans’ bed? Will you sleep in your own bed? Share with another canine member of the family? Know the lay of the land beforehand. It makes everything much easier.

Another recent guest, Bella, was an excellent passenger. She didn’t quite get the sleeping arrangement rule, though.

No Need to Be Greedy

Babka says “This is a special occasion, so you will undoubtedly be getting more treats than normal. The humans will want to keep us happy, and quiet, so many extra treats are coming our way. Don’t be greedy and spoil it for all of us.


According to Latke, “we are going to be playing. A lot. More than you are used to, when you are home alone. Make sure to drink enough water so you have the energy to keep up with me.

Babka sometimes plays dress up at other peoples homes.
Babka sometimes plays dress up at other people’s homes.

Dinner Time can be Stressful on the Humans

Feeding two dogs can be a handful, so adding a third or fourth hungry pup into the mix can add a lot of stress. Understand that you will likely eat in a separate room, or area of the house, from your doggies hosts. This is simply so none of you fight about your food. You will all eat. I promise. You can fight about where to sleep instead (see point #1.)  Speaking of dinner…


Bring your own food. Nobody wants to start a vacation off with an upset stomach from eating all new food. Pack your own food, and you will feel right at home in no time.

Get on the Schedule

Babka’s idea of a good day is one that involves at least five walks, a lot of play time and plenty of time on the couch, napping (preferably undisturbed). If you have specific scheduling needs, let your host know ahead of time. (Usually, the dogs are not so good about sharing things like bathroom habits and walking preferences. They rely on the humans, and those words they use, to figure it out.)

Latke made herself right at home on her friend Henry's couch.
Latke made herself right at home on her friend Henry’s couch.

Babka and Latke have had plenty of visits to stay with their friends, and generally make themselves right at home. (They do tend to forget those pesky rules about not going on the furniture, etc, but otherwise they play by the rules.) And although Babka has a lot to say about being greedy, she is the one that is usually grubbing for treats.