It’s That Time of Year Again… The Birthday, Christmas and Nearly New Years

It’s that time of year. Again. when people hear it is my birthday, then tell me how sorry they are. Clearly I must have suffered having my birthday on Christmas Eve. I assure you, I did not. Not in the least.

Overall, it was a great year. As usual, we have had many out of town visitors. We have traveled to Alaska, which should be on everyone’s list, and spent some time in Vancouver, en route. We traveled to a tiny island off the coast of Cancun, and once again took my life into my hands on a bicycle. Thanksgiving week we were on a fantastic cruise with family and friends. Everyone enjoyed it so much that we are going to do it again next year. We have had the luxury of spending quality time with family and friends for holidays, weekends and just because we can.

I am looking forward to next year’s adventures: more eating, drinking and merriment with friends. More travel (I’ve got a transatlantic cruise, the Thanksgiving cruise and a trip to Park City in the hopper). And less sweating of the small stuff. I try to do that on a regular basis, but it doesn’t always work.

With that, I will say Happy Birthday to me, and Happy Everything-you-celebrate to you! I will be back with all new blog posts, eating adventures and tales from Key West in 2016. See you then!