Out of the Blue

IMAG0003NOTE: Out of the Blue is out of business. Check other restaurant reviews here for suggested places to go. If only the food and professionalism matched the lovely setting. Out of the Blue is a new restaurant (taking over the space that was formerly the White Street Bistro) with a truly lovely garden. The outside is beautiful – tables are well spaced, there are several tables under shade and the rest have umbrellas. It seemed like a nice place to have lunch.

Even the menu looked promising – an avocado Caesar salad? What is better than a Caesar salad? Why one topped with luscious, ripe avocado, all tossed in a delicious dressing, of course. That is how it was in mind, if not in reality. We started off with garlic bread, which was good, but really how bad is bread, butter and garlic going to be? Next came the promising sounding salad.

I knew it was not a good sign when I could not spear a piece of avocado with my fork. Several people came over, including our server, to ask how things were. I told them. The server offered to switch out the salad, but I did not bother. I didn’t want another salad, I wanted ripe avocado, which seemed to be out of the question.

Here is the thing, people: if you have an item on your menu, and the ingredients you have are not up to snuff, you can say “I’m sorry we’re out of that dish” or “Our avocados are not quite ripe -would you like a salad without avocado?” Under no circumstances should you serve me rock hard avocado. Someone cut it for the salad, so they knew it should not have been served.

Next we had a fish sandwich. While good, I was still obsessing over the rock hard avocado. At some point the server told us that she was sure this could be a good restaurant if they were able to work out the kinks, which were plentiful. I will give them a good long time. If they are still around next year (which I doubt) maybe we will try again. Until then, I will continue to frequent restaurants with top notch food, as there are plenty of them on the island.

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