Expensive Toys

P1010907You know by now I am foodie, I am a wine geek and I am obsessed with all things Key West. I am not, however, a fancy car person, an expensive watch person or an expensive toy person. Well, except for my new phone – an HTC Hero, but that is another story for another day.

Last week Key West hosted power boat races, which is like NASCAR but with a bigger, wetter course. I don’t know anything about NASCAR either, by the way. When our friends were over for dinner last weekend, she mentioned that she would be watching the boat races from their balcony should we want to join. Let’s see… nice people AND great view of the harbor, um, sure, we’ll be there!

I learned that there are several classes of these powerboats. )I don’t P1010892remember what any of them are.) I learned that these boats are LOUD. Don;t try to nap in the vicinity of one. I learned that there is someone on board whose sole purpose is to manage the fuel consumption (they use a lot). Most of all, I had a really nice afternoon on a balcony overlooking the harbor with great people. I am still not so impressed with the whole power boat thing.