Oh Baby, Baby

Baby’s Coffee is an unassuming storefront at about Mile Marker 15. It is, however, a treasure trove. They have about six different kinds of coffee brewed – different roasts, hazelnut coffee and even a “Cajun” blend, with chicory. A small coffee is a bargain at 93 cents.

Th.ey also have a selection of bagels, muffins and wraps. The cranberry orange muffin is another tasty bargain at $1.75. Baby’s also sells key lime pie either whole, sliced or on a stick covered in chocolate. The key lime concoctions come from the  Key West Key Lime Pie Company. Apparently these are the people that the Blond Giraffe drove out of town with their Starbucks-esque advertising and popping up on every corner.

I was quite optimistic that this pie would be spectacular. Not so much. The filling is not as tart as it should be and – gasp – they do not use real whipped cream, rather a cheap imitation, which should just be outlawed. Just whip some actual cream and be done with it. I will continue my quest for the best key lime pie here, as I have not found it yet.

Baby’s coffee also has a nice selection of wines, as well as snacks. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by,  you won’t disappointed. 

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