Driving by the Barracuda Grill, it looks like every other restaurant in the Florida Keys: low key and fairly nondescript. Inside is a whole different ball game. It is charming, adorable and, as an added bonus, has great food.

At first glance, the menu pricing seems a bit odd. Entrees are between $16 for fried shrimp to $29 for a 22 ounce steak., which is standard. Appetizer prices seem a bit high with edamame for $12.99 and tipsy, vodka soaked olives also $12.99. I am guessing the portions are large.

We had the “Amazing” fish dip ($6.99). Amazing might be a bit of an overstatement, but was a very impressive second to Eaton Street Seafood. Mild, yet not overly cream cheesy, it was served with flatbread and pickles. It could have used some jalapenos.

The Tuna Tataki was just outrageous. Spicy and rare , yet somehow still warm, it was served cut into small pieces with fantastic seaweed salad and wasabi. This dish is not for th faint of heart; when they say spicy, they mean it.

We also had the Mango Snapper. This is a large piece of fish (the photo shows a half eaten version) topped with a flavorful mango salsa, served with spiced rice and vegetables. As with all entrees, it also comes with a house salad.

Overall, I cannot recommend Barracuda Grill highly enough. Service is friendly and they have a decent wine list and excellent stemware. The chef is also the owner and has had the restaurant for 16 years. If you are in Marathon, I highly recommend it.

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