Key West has just about every type of food you could want, except Indian. Although I would love for someone to open an Indian restaurant, I’m not quite sure how grouper vindaloo would go over here. But, I digress.

This weekend, I went to Goldman’s Deli in the Winn Dixie Shopping Center. They have a good variety of breakfast – eggs, smoked fish and, of course, bagels. They also have the requisite grumpy servers.

The bagels are OK, but bready. Not the good, chewy outside and dense inside I look for in a bagel. If you have ever had a bagel from a coffee cart in New York, you know what I mean. As they are about the only fresh bagels one can get in Key West, they are not bad.

The other food, however, is quite good. Omelets are fluffy and have a good amount of filling. The tuna melt I had was outstanding – not too much  mayonnaise, big, crunchy pieces of celery and not greasy. Skip the cole slaw, though.

The early bird special, 7-10 AM of 2 eggs, homefries or grits, bagel or toast and coffee at $3.95 is a steal. check it out.

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