Restaurant Review: Seven Fish

I had not been to Seven Fish in at least five years. Why? It’s not the food, which is always excellent. It was this: while the food and service were good, I always felt rushed.

Recently, we were at the Flaming Buoy Filet Co and were talking with one of the owners, Fred, who also happens to work at Seven Fish a couple of nights a week. He was telling us how great it was and that we really should try it again. Plus, the owners are very supportive of his restaurant. Anyone supporting that endeavor deserves a second chance in my book.

So, off we go. We made a reservation for Sunday night and sat at the bar. The place was packed. Every table was taken at 8:30 on a Sunday night. The first thing I noticed is that the menu has not changed. Apparently neither has the chef, which is a good thing on both fronts.

We had the grouper and avocado sushi roll appetizer. This is sauteed grouper, not fried, and delicious. It left me wanting more. We then had the fish taco appetizer which is accompanied by a spicy cabbage. This is the only think I don’t remember being on the menu. It could have been there, I just don’t remember it. It is fantastic. Everything a fish taco should be, it is even messy.

When it came time to order entrees, Florida Keys Guy was most pleased they have not changed the menu as he was craving the Thai yellow curry, which was done with yellowtail. It is a flavorful sauce, well-balanced and just enough kick, but not spicy. I had the gnocchi with sauteed fish and mellow blue cheese. While the gnocchi are not in the same ballpark as the divine little pillows at Azur, they are good and actually being a little firmer is a good thing for this dish. They stand up to the fish and the sauce nicely.

Overall, Seven Fish is a very good restaurant. You should know that if you go anytime before 9, maybe 8:45 PM on a Sunday, you will be rushed. This is an efficient kitchen, but does nothing for a leisurely meal. We were in no way rushed at the bar, but I think that may be because Fred knows it is my pet peeve, and it was his night to work.