Bad Advice

I always wonder why people take bad advice. Maybe it is because it’s all that is out there. Maybe it is because they don’t know any better. Maybe it is because the advice-givers are really adamant about their advice. On the other hand, there is a whole world of good advice out there, especially in cyberspace. The trick is deciphering it.

I participate in a numbr of online bulletin boards, one of which is Cruise Critic. Why? In this particular case, I have a specific area of knowledge to contribute. As a travel agent, I can offer advice on cruises and various ports of call. As a Key West blogger, I can offer up-to-date information on restaurants, sights and more.

Recently, I have read a few posts that have left me scratching my head. One of the most obvious questions that gets posted with some frequency is “Should I take the cruise-offered shore excursion pub crawl?” The answers vary, but my answer is always the same: You can simply stroll off the ship and along Duval Street and stop in any bar you want for as long or as short a period of time as you’d like without being on someone else’s agenda and having them tell you what to drink.

Next is the ever popular “I only have time for one lunch. Where should I go?” I guarantee that the answer is neither Salsa Loca or Conch Republic Seafood Company. While they both might be serviceable, why would you choose to go to Salsa Loca for a burrito when you can get a locally caught fish sandwich at B.O.’s Fish Wagon or some other typical Key West joint?

My personal favorite in the bad advice world was this: recently a poster asked about doing a day trip from Miami to Key West. Most people advised that this is a 3.5 – 4 hour drive each way, so it is a lot to handle in a single day, which is very true. One person, however, suggested that the poster drive to Marco Island then take the ferry to Key West. Seriously? Drive 2 hours west to Marco Island – which is on the other side of the state –  then get on a ferry for 2.5 hours? This is supposed to save time? Oh my. Always double check your research, especially with directions.

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