The Gloves Are ON

If I am going to be cold, I might as well be skiing

There is a reason people live in Florida: warm, sunny days, complete with an ocean breeze. Images of sitting outside sipping a frozen cocktail dance in my head. Alas, those images will exist only in mind, at least in the short term.

Yesterday I got up for my morning run and it was 38 degrees, with a wind chill of 27. You would think I am vacationing in New York or Chicago, but no, this is South Florida, where you are supposed to be able to run in shorts year round. The fact that there is even a wind chill factor is a little disturbing.When I update my Facebook status to reflect my irritation about the weather, people from across the country tell me how they have it worse. I get that it sucks where you are, but you don’t live in Florida. Nobody expects a balmy 72 degrees in Maryland in December. In Key West I have no heat, so I expect a trip to Home Depot for a space heater is in my future. I will not suffer again through three months of 57 degrees. Indoors.

The best part of the weather is this: It is all anybody talks about. It was never this cold even when they lived in an igloo in Alaska with only a sweater and a dog for companionship. Really.  The other great thing about this weather is that people sit indoors with their gloves on. It is hilarious. Although, given the state of my cuticles due to the cold, I probably should be wearing my gloves indoors, too. In 2010 you can actually buy fingertip-less gloves, so you can text and use your touchscreen phone all while wearing your gloves. I have no idea how this is supposed to actually keep you warm, but at least you can text your friends about how cold you are at this very moment.

Yet I ran in the freezing cold, while wearing pants, several shirts and gloves, and I will do the same tomorrow. I’ll be back on Friday with the recap of last week’s Team in Training, Run, Run, Rudolph 5K, assuming I am not one big block of ice by then.

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